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About Me


I'm Jess Wozniak and I am passionate about recycling! My first job was pulling out trash and other non-recyclables from a recycle pile during move out days at college dorms. I was hooked on trash and recycling ever since. 


I have deep roots in recycling through my work as a former municipal recycling coordinator and my work for non-profits such as Northeast Recycling Council and MassRecycle. I have also served on the Franklin County Solid Waste Management Board as well as the MRF Advisory Board.


One day, my son came home from school depressed about climate change and that motivated me to get back to the recycling world full-time to help communities. I received an Advanced Social Media Marketing Certificate and coordinated a consumer marketing campaign for PlantSomething MA. I merged my recycling experience and social media skills to help educate residents about recycling and waste reduction for several communities across the state. I noticed that there was a significant lack of recycling education on social media and, at the time, China’s National Sword policy was coming into play.

My biggest accomplishments include:
- implementing many 
municipal recycling programs, such as, close to 100% recycling access in multi-families in 2 towns.
- working in collaboration with
state, federal and private entities on a statewide media campaign to recycle 1M more tons of paper per year.

I love recycling because it allows everyone to practice environmentalism everyday! Small acts of recycling have big impacts on the environment, saving natural resources, saving water and lowering greenhouse gas emissions.


In my spare time, I tend to over 500 square feet of garden space and obsess over my trail camera set up in my woods.

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