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Hi, I'm Jess Wozniak!

I am a skilled Social Media Manager and Project Coordinator for environmental and horticulture organizations.


In this field, some people call me the jack-of-all-trades because I do everything from grant writing, designing outreach programs, event planning, and in-school presentations to administrative work, social media set-up/ management, and data gathering & research.

I mostly work with non-profits, municipal recycling and companies working on solid waste and waste reduction.

While I have deep roots in recycling, I have a love for gardening!  I have also provided many of these services towards gardening, agriculture and horticulture organizations. 

Social media is a great way to educate people about contamination rates and to earn more funding. I can manage your social media accounts to reach out to residents.

Decreasing contamination, and increasing waste reduction and recycling is the ultimate goal. I am an expert in designing, coordinating, and implementing outreach programs.

Conferences, Trade shows, and other events require a lot of preparation. I provide services that include managing registration, budget, facility coordination, day-of-event coordination, and marketing.

Need help in other areas?
I can help you apply for grants or implement programs with surveys, internet research, data collection, and cold calling.


“Jessica has been a great addition to our virtual team at Keep Massachusetts Beautiful. Her deep knowledge of the recycling industry and strong communications skills have helped us promote and deliver our Talking Trash & Recycling program to a wide variety of audiences across Massachusetts.”

Neil Rhein, Executive Director
Keep Massachusetts Beautiful

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